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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a wonderful monday, everyone. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> the ravens are world champions. >> perhaps he put it perfectly by saying that the super bowl went from a blowout to a blackout. the ravens had just enough shoes to be the 49ers and give ray lewis a second ring to end his nfl career. >> the ravens look ok right now, although that might change this morning -- good morning, it is monday, february 4. >> quite a weekend. a lot to talk about. especially weatherwise. let's get to meteorologists
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about what we sow. >> just a trace of snow. it seems like more because we had those flurries pretty much nonstop throughout the day. temperature wise, you are waking up to middle to upper 20s. $26 -- 26 at dulles. you can see the snow shower from chicago over to indiana. that will had our way late tonight. it could clip the tail end of rush hour. the biggest window for this would probably be between 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. just another dusting. today partly cloudy 34 degrees at noon. partly cloudy with 36 degrees at 5:00 p.m. bigger changes in our weather pattern, we will warm things up a little bit in our seven day forecast. we will tell you about that in a few minutes minutes. let's check on traffic.
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>> roads nice and quiet this morning. quiet start, hopefully it stays that way. as we travel around the beltway no problems to report maryland or virginia. no construction here. metro area, no construction. maryland at 95 between baltimore and the beltway, that is fine. 295 that bw parkway, that looks fine. virginia, same good news for you coming in from the west. 66 greenway toll road, 95, here we are live in springfield. back to you. >> thank you so much. our big story, a big parade which has now been set for the super bowl champions the baltimore ravens. the team has just enough power to overcome a partial power outage at the superdome. a near comeback by the 49ers. >> now the city of baltimore celebrates the ravens tomorrow morning. it will be a darting at city hall and and at ravens stadium.
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>> super bowl 47 lives up to the hype. it was high-scoring, but tough and gritty. just the type of game the baltimore ravens love led by joe flacco, the ravens captured a narrow 34-31 win over the 49ers. >> super bowl belongs to baltimore. >> for a while, it looks like the ravenswood one a ray with the game. -- ravenswood --ravesns would run away with the game. then it was lights out. >> i don't know what happened. >> and one of the most bizarre moments, partial power went out in the superdome causing a 34 minute delay. >> please back up. >> once power was restored, they changed the gains momentum. less than two minutes left they had a chance to win, but the ravens held on. it was the final game in the career of ray lewis. >> baltimore, we are coming home, baby.
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>> in baltimore, fans erupted. for many the super bowl is more than a game. >> some tune in to see the commercials, like this one from go before the opening kickoff children from newtown, connecticut singhg america the beautiful with jennifer husband. -- jennifer has hudson. the halftime was beyoncé. after the game the older brother embraced his younger brother and told him he loved him. abc news. >> more on the emotional performance, nfl players on the verge of tears. >> when jennifer hudson and the sandy hook elementary school chorus sang america the beautiful. >> ♪
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>> green ribbons on their shirts in honor of the 20 fourth graders and six adults who are killed at their school back in newtown, connecticut. >> ♪ >> grammy award winner alicia keys performed the national anthem and set a record in the process. this slower paced version of the song locked in at 165 seconds. that surpassed natalie cole's super bowl record of 162 seconds. >> ♪ >> as we mentioned the last big musical performance was beyoncé 's halftime show. she was joined by her destiny's child bandmates for three songs. michelle obama tweeted, watching the super bowl with family and friends. beyoncé looks phenomenal.
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i am so proud of her. the first lady also tweeted a message that reads -- great game, congrats to ravens, co at the white house. >> we have a crew as ravens fan celebrate of the when. >>-- celebrated the win. a vehicle belonging to a baltimore tv station was damaged by fans who were standing on it for it. because of the win, is the burger is giving out free burgers today at one location. >> that is 3321 wisconsin avenue. you can get a free burger today from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. you have to say the secret password, it is the champions. -- z champions. stay with abc seven and wjla .com for the continuing coverage
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of the super bowl win. in our next hour, john gonzales will be live in baltimore with fan reaction. >> looking at some other news, it might take you longer to get in and out of the izzy metro station. starting today, the outside escalators at the pentagon station will be shut down as they get replaced. riders will still be able to get in and out of the station using the elevator and the northside at a later. -- escalate short. plans -- escaltorlator. "washington post" may be looking to sell off its downtown digs. >> twitter is the star of the super bowl. linda bell joins us now live from bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> good to see you. let's talk about stocks. they have been on a tear lately. on friday the dow hit orton thousands of the first time since two 2007. a little below its all-time
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record high. you talked about the super bowl. companies scramble to make light of the unexpected blackout by creating #poweroutage. oreo posted a picture of the oreo -- you can still dunk in the dark. it was retreated almost 14,000 times during the game. twitter, the site was under a cyber attack recently. the hackers may have obtained access to and from nation for about hundred 50,000 users. -- 250,000. the washington post may sell its downtown headquarters as newspaper owners stronger with circulation and ad spending. many are looking to sell off property to take advantage of the real estate recovery. the tomato clip has been
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averted as pizza hut is unveiling pizza sliders. details on that in the next hour. i am linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> making us hungry over there. >> are you wearing purple for the ravens there? or is that more of a pink. >> it is a pink purple. >> we are going to claim purple. go ravens. thank you so much. it is 4:39 i now. auntie six degrees. >> we both have it on. still to come, president obama
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let's welcome back. 4:41. it is a cold monday as we look at the cityscape of washington d.c. and the washington monument in the background. all is why it. here in the weather center with jacqui. id the numbers to saving? -- are the numbers d.c.? >>-- decieving? >> a lovely cooler than average. kind of a calm day. a typical winter day. 22 in bethesda. 23 in leesburg. 25 and gainesville. we do have a windchill factor.
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you can see it, it feels like 24 in d.c. but look at ellis. down to 12 -- dulles, down to 12. we will see some sunshine this morning, but in increasing cloudiness throughout the day. high temperatures only in the middle to upper 30's at best. snow showers are on the way by the latter half of our commute. we could start to see some flurries. that really is between 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. another dusting. it just does not want to go away. we will season changes coming line in your seven-day forecast. now it is time for traffic. >> good morning. early in the traffic center on monday morning. not too much to tell you about areas checking the area and finding very little. good morning to our nation's capital. here is the 14th street bridge out of virginia. each direction is fine.
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no problems on 66. maryland, we have you covered. 28 and 350 five, quiet and open. back to you. >> thank you. 4:43 is your time. 26 degrees. >> latest on a deadly tour bus crash in
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>> checking your top stories at
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four: 46. ravens fans poured into the streets of baltimore celebrating the teams 31-34 super bowl win over the san francisco 49ers. three touchdown passes to be the ravens to their second championship since arriving in baltimore in 1996. the city is holding a victory parade tomorrow. the game is delayed for just over 30 minutes in the third quarter after an abnormality in the power system triggered an automatic shutdown. backup system kicked in. they are still much sure what caused the problem initially. >> not to the debate over guns in america. president obama will travel to minneapolis today in an effort to win support for his gun policy proposals. the white house says the city has taken important steps to reduce gun violence. the president will meet with local leaders and law enforcement officials to discuss what he calls his comprehensive set of common sense ideas to
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reduce gun violence. maryland attorney general will host a forum on gun violence today. that will be at the university of maryland law school in baltimore. date and local officials, law enforcement officials but legal scholars will all take part. >> news around the nation. at least eight people died dozens more hurt when a tour bus collided with two other vehicles in southern california. the exact cause of this coalition is unclear. authorities say the bus driver did report having brake problems as the vehicle came down a mountain. officials say the passengers on the bus were part of a mexican tour group. >> d.c. police continue to search for a person behind a fatal stabbing. >> saturday evening, police responded to a report of an unconscious person in the 1600 block of fuller street in northwest. they found a body inside a home
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with stab wounds. he has now been identified as 68-year-old howard venable, jr. >> a house fire broke out in a vacant home on kingsfield lane. one firefighter was burned and taken to the hospital. >> hundreds of students expected to rally at the statehouse in annapolis today. they are calling on lawmakers to give more money to morgan state university coppin state university, and the university of maryland-eastern shore, which they say are underfunded. d.c. leaders gathering tonight to celebrate the upcoming move of the statue of edgar douglas to the u.s. capital. fungus authorized the move -- congress authorized the move last year. it is not clear when the statue will be relocated. it does need to happen before september of 2014. the event will be held from 8:30 p.m. till 8:00 p.m..
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at one judiciary square in the west. >> joe biden and his wife are expected to return from their overseas trip tomorrow. a security conference in munich biden said he is prepared to hold direct talks with iran over its nuclear program. he said iran must show it is serious. the foreign minister said he is welcoming that offer, but did not commit to excepting it. >> giving you the chance to make a greeting for this show which would air on our newscast. >> a great opportunity. send us a short, 10-15 minute -- second video. send us a link to the youtube clip. make sure you ended by saying good morning, washington. >>@4:50 now now. we are off to a good start. 26 degrees right now. a bit of a chilly start. hopefully things will warm up just a little bit. >> the windchill, not that bad.
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it feels cold out there. >> a little bit. overall, the wind is not terribly strong. we're seeing temperatures in the 20's to start us out with. 23 in manassas this morning. 28 in d.c., but it feels like 24 in the district. more like low to mid teens for you in the areas to the west. watching our next weather system that will be approaching. it is cooling things off. i think we will wake up to some sunshine, but the clouds will fill in quickly. as the next system approaches this is another week cooker. -- weak clipper. it will bring snow for us again. into the future, here is the timing on that system. as it pushes on through, by tomorrow morning, all over and done with. another one will follow through tuesday night and into wednesday morning. both of which will likely bring
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a dusting at best. just like the last couple we have had. today, increasing cloudiness. high temperature between 34 and 38. our seven day forecast showing us go showers again on tuesday night. look these changes down the line. we are finally seeing a significant warming trend especially by the end of the week. the next system pushing through looks like rain rather than snow. on friday and again on sunday. we picked up 1.5 inches overall so far. reagan national for the season a little on the dry side. >> thank you so much for the details. quiet in the traffic center. we need a good monday morning. if you are waking up, here we go around the region. maryland, virginia district not too much to tell you about. 270 between frederick and the beltway, this is what it looks like on every traffic camera.
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pas river road here to were the american legion bridge, a ok. no problems on the southeast southwest freeway. heading into town, that is good for everybody. >> thank you. 26 degrees. coming up, a family of mohammed ali in the news.
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>> mohammed ali's family came out swinging to a british newspaper reporting that the legend is near his death. >> the paper quoted his brother saying he was in a bad way. they posted a twitter picture, you see him wearing a ravens jersey as he was watching the super bowl. his brother admits he has not seen him since last summer and had no contact with the family. muhamed ali was diagnosed with parkinson's disease in 1984. frank motion says he is not pursuing criminal charges against chris brown who is accused of punching ocean in hollywood. in la county sheriff spokesman said the at the nation continue. ocean has not told authorities that he had a change of heart after asking for prosecution. brown has not commented on the alec -- allegations.
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a hot weekend for the new flick "warm bodies." >> the film is about a zombie whose love for a human reduce them. coming in second was "hensel and gretel." 4:56 now. >> still ahead facebook reaches yet another milestone.
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